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Sunday, 31 January 2010

thinking details

Thursday 4 February 2010, 6:30pm, Forum
Introduced by Daniel Rosbottom.
Part of the Four Flemish Architects series.

Jan de Vylder (born 1968) studied architecture at Sint-Lucas in Ghent. In 2000 he established an office with Trice Hofkens and since 2006 he has operated under his own name. He was for several years a project director for Stéphane Beel. Since 2005 he has taught at the Sint-Lucas School for Science and Art in Brussels and since 2007 he has been a guest lecturer at the TU Delft in the Netherlands. The practice’s production studios for a ballet company and musical theatre company in Ghent were nominated for a 2009 Mies van der Rohe award.




Dom Luis Bridge - Teófilo Seyrig, Casa da Musica - Rem Koolhass/OMA, Mercado do Bom Sucesso - ARS-Arquitectos, Museum of Contemporary Art Serralves - Alvaro Siza Vieira, Cafe do Cais - Cristina Guedes, Wash House/Spa - Joao Paulo Providencia, Photography Museum (former prison), Trindade Station - Eduardo Souto de Moura, Casa Domingos Fernandes - Julio de Brito, Faculty of Architecture University of Porto - Alvaro Siza Vieira, Casa das Artes - Eduardo Souto de Moura, Saal-Bouca Housing Complex - Alvaro Siza Vieira
Mercado Municipal de Matonsinhos - ARS-Arquitectos, Boulevard/Marginal de Matonsinhos - Eduardo Souto de Moura, Public art installation ‘She Changes’ - Janet Echelman, Casa Ponte de Arabida - Edgar Cardoso
Piscinas de Mar Leca - Alvaro Siza Vieira, Casa de Cha - Alvaro Siza Vieira
St Mary's Church - Alvaro Siza Vieira
Municipal Market, - Eduardo Souto de Moura, Braga Stadium - Eduardo Souto de Moura, Se Cathredal
Cultural Centre Belem - Vittorio Gregotti & Manuel Salgado, Underground station - Alvaro Siza Vieira, Expo ‘98 Area: Portugal Pavilion - Alvaro Siza Vieira, Gare do Oriente Station, Santiago Calatrava, etc.

Monday, 25 January 2010

Field Trip 0910 - Porto

Unit A in Portugal

Sunday, 24 January 2010

3 — 9 February 2010: Student Work in Progress Shows

RCA - Work in progress exhibition by students from the following courses: Architecture, Design Interactions, Innovation Design Engineering, Vehicle Design, Printmaking and Animation. Some work will be for sale or commission.


Digital Pioneers

7 December 2009 - 25 April 2010
Julie & Robert Breckman Prints and Drawings Gallery, Room 90 and Paintings, Room 88a
Free admission

This display provides an overview of the first decades of the computer's history in art and design. It includes some of the earliest computer-generated works in the V&A's collections, many of which have never been exhibited in the UK before. From the 1960s until the early 1980s, digital pioneers worked directly with computer hardware and software to produce graphic images unlike anything that had gone before. Some artists went on to use increasingly sophisticated software packages, while others continued to work directly with the hardware itself.


Sunday, 3 January 2010

The Sustainability Song

Jaime Lerner reinvented urban space in his native Curitiba, Brazil. Along the way, he changed the way city planners worldwide see what’s possible in the metropolitan landscape.