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Friday, 21 December 2012

Old Street Project Sites

field-trip guide

hello Y2s

I have uploaded and e-mailed you the Indesgin template for the field-trip guide / building documentation we have asked you to prepare. This should be quick excerise and should not take you longer than half day. Scarpa's work is well documented - use the library ! If you find lots of plans, sections and details (always incredible useful when on site) - make more pages, e.g. upt to 4 pages! (scale not important. scale bar would be great) if not one - two pages is minimum. 

Please e-mail use the pages or upload (as pdf and packaged CS5 file with all linked images) to the dropbox ( folder 06_field trip) by Friday 4th Jan 2013, so that I can collate this and print copies for each of you.

Alex & Ben - Palazzo Querini Stampalia
Darren - IUAV Entrance
Dylan & Jack - Castellvecchio Museum
Feng - Banca Populare, Verona
Harriet - Tomba Brion
Kilian  - Canova museum Gipsoteca
Kyungsoo - Olivetti showroom
Maxine - Biennale ticket booth

Have some great days off with friends and family!

Carsten + Emu

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Thu 13 Dec 17.30 - Field-trip briefing + sem 2 project sites introduction

Just a note for your diary. After the reviews next Thursday 13 Dec, we will be brief you on our Veneto field-tip and also introduce you to the project sites for semester 2. Everybody to attend this.
(if you have paid for your field-trip already - great!, if not - do it now here).

Unit A social afterwards - white horse?

Thu 6 Dec Tutorials

Sunday, 2 December 2012

Team portrait with threshold

Could you please e-mail us / upload a team portrait with your completed threshold prototype, like this one of Susanne, Maria and Ben (we also need this for thank-you-to-our-sponsors...)

GDF session 2 - work in progress

Portfolio table top review / cross crits

We wanted to let you know that we will use the same groups for the portfolio table top review as with the Grymsdyke Farm workshop. (and not divided per year groups as it is normally done). 

Mon 10 Dec - Grymsdyke Farm session 1
Review panel: Toby Smith (Unit G) + Emu

Thu 13 Dec - Grymsdyke Farm session 2
Review panel: Elliott Wingfield (Unit B) + Carsten