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Wednesday, 8 October 2008


One for the models and for those early thoughts about what to do in London. Check it out - there is a lot of variety and content - something for every one and its free.

Some of the projects included in the exhibition were conceived as deliberately speculative, visionary and provocative; openly experimental, they are radical and nearly unimaginable. Others are more commercial or speculative in a city largely built this way since Georgian times. Some have been initiated with every expectation that they will be built in coming years, and are still in planning stages. Others, however, are now nearly forgotten, having been surpassed by their designers’ subsequent careers. Some of these building projects have been conceived as massive urban extensions to the city; others as small, private and intimate structures. Taken together, this collection of architectural drawings, models, sketches and statements builds a surprising, alternative vision of a well-known city and shows how London has served to provoke urban and architectural imagination.