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Saturday, 17 October 2009

Selling links...

goodbye wafflemaker an everything must go self made websiteKettles Yard is an amazing archive of objects in cambridge - this was an exhibition of objects to do with materials being used in alternative ways by artists this might be useful as a model of association... strong graphic identityhere with environments and the sale there off - fun spanish officewho have an friendly approach to selling their projects.... architecture led thinking books with a bold simplicity toward content - archive of publicinstallation works from around the globe - LEGO hasits own construction boutique... war game designed by guy debord - situationsist objects specially designed and sold with the game... all about context with these eruption vases remember to photograph the process as you go along - you cant go backwards for the portfolio... interesting link archive of objects sold on ebay - the fetishised object crafted leather shoes photographed well on a simple website - branding of baggu bags with clear alternatives and deviations... greyworld installationas a part of big art on 4 - objects / bodies with notation on - this is sarahs supermarket it changes regularly as she sells the stuff - similar to baggu - this is happy socks clear cataloging and labelling - roni horn produces quality objects and they become site specific because of their context / reflections - the only record is the photograph... these guys [pictured] sell the object and associated experience - very simple.