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Friday, 5 November 2010

Coppers on 4

This looks very relevant to our subject area - worth a watch.

"As police budgets, and numbers, come under threat, this hard-hitting series reveals what police officers across England really think about being on the frontline of 21st-century Britain.

With access to police forces across the country - from Kent to West Yorkshire and Greater Manchester to Cambridgeshire - and from inner cities to rural beats, Coppers shows what police officers are up against every day of their working lives.

The series captures the reality of the job: from the riot police who face serious public disorder on our streets, to the seasoned custody sergeants who've seen it all, from the staff facing time-wasters calling 999 to emergency response teams racing to the scene only to find themselves acting as social workers or marriage guidance counsellors, and from traffic cops picking up the pieces after accidents to the thin blue line who face abuse and violence from binge-drinkers every weekend."