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Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Thu 27 Oct Tutorials + Tech

Following on from Monday's pin-up here is an indicative outline what to get done by end of this week. project depending...

Finalise your brick drawing visualising all its qualities (geometric, spatial, material, etc. to appropriate scale and drawing conventions) Finalise your drawings  showing variations of bonds = the relationship + opportunity between individual modules.  Finalise your construction / assembly / components, 3d/ spatial visualisation (axo?).

-Finalise and clarify your drawing(s) showing the performance of your proposal (in use with its user & social side shown through a scenario)
- New: Produce a final close-up visualisation (collage, render or drawing) of one bond (arrangement) of of your choice. Front- on-view (elevation view) with spatial qualities (perspective?) / Scale 1:5. Minimum area covered A3 size.

Indesign CS5 - help: As mentioned  - only for who needs help with this - I will do a quick run-through of the basic functions to get you going: tomorrow after tutorials from 17:00 in studio. (15 min.)