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Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Mon 5 Dec - Urban Massing Charrette

Workshop / charrette (definition) on Monday 5 Dec is a full day event in the studio between 10.00 and 17.00. Please bring the following things with you:

- print out of your proposal in plan, scale 1:1000 (A3 sheet)
- A3 sized cardboard (can be a leftover) for base of model

Solid soft material (in sufficient quantity to make 5 different mass models for the project site), either:
A: polystyrene foam (that blue or yellow stuff)
B: a few large soaps (as cheap as you can get - £1.00 range, white or opaque is best + as rectangular as possible; you may even get one in a colour - for highlighting special areas, something like this?  LINK MUJI )

cutter, glue, tape, ruler / scale ruler, camera, coloured pens, etc...