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Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Thu 3 Nov

Your presentations / observations from yesterday's workshop are uploaded to the dropbox.
See folder 05_site workshop mnt pleasant.
(I tried to scan your sheets but had some technical problems... I will provide you with propper scans at later stage, but for now that will do)

What we would like to see for Thurdsday, is that you take this to the next level   - as individuals -  and draw yesterday's mapping up using Illustrator. Reflect on all your work and interests so far, and choose a minimum of 5 topics / themes from the site workshop that you think are relevant & related to your personal lines of ongoing investigation / enquiry.

You can find the base-maps (illustrator files) of the various scales on the dropbox under 02_site information (study area 1-5000.ai / digimap-1-2500 study area / digimap-1-1000). Be clear about what scale you are drawing at - you can easily check by doing test prints at A3 size.