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Friday, 9 December 2011

Portfolio Cross Crits week 12

Year 2  - Mon 12 Dec
Critic panel: Sara Shafiei (Unit J) & Colin Priest

Year 3  - Thu 15 Dec
Critic panel: Caspar Rodgers (Unit C) & Carsten Jungfer

Roaming critics: Jane Anderson, Matt Gaskin (tbc), John Stevenson (tbc)

start 10.00 (if you are using the screen - please upload your presentation before 10.00)
end 16.00

remember to bring any useful supporting information with you - e.g. key models - the syndicated material / working- and site models, etc.

-sleep the night before your presentation (essential!)
-prepare & structure what you are going to say. Be clear and professional. It's about the process, design development, your observations, your critical position and your final designs. Do a dry run before. (8-10 min max)
-make sure your presentation displays well on the screen and is in the right order. test this beforehand. Careful of pixellation! (Acrobat Pro can combine single pdfs/jpegs into a single multi-page pdf) Refer also to relevant section in the student handbook for preparing a digital submission.
- the pdfs for submission (on USB stick) should be at manageable file size (20-100Mb) max. and not in the Gb region!