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Friday, 17 February 2012

Mon 20 Feb - Y3 Special Structures Tutorial 10.00-13.00

All Y3s will have a special structures session with structural engineer Robert Harrold from Ramboll and Nicola to finalise the principle of your structure. Further to discussion with Nicola this week, please revise / make a scaled structural model of your building for that meeting. With this you should demonstrate what structural principle you employ and how vertical as well as horizontal loads are carried through into the foundations. (e.g. concrete skeleton/frame with core)

Please treat this not as tutorial, but as meeting with your structural consultant. This means, you need to bring along key information on your project you already hold (e.g. massmodel / plans / sections / building in siteplan / and key sem1 drawings of your performative / syndicated material) to communicate your design intentions. Remember that engineers can help you to deliver nearly whatever you wish - thing is - you need to be precise in briefing them on your intentions.