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Thursday, 1 March 2012

drawing list for interim crit Thu 8 Mar

- site analysis / mapping: basics (e.g. user-groups / transport / orientation / density / land-use, etc.) and personal interest / individual observations. You may need to add / refine / edit your site analysis drawings to explain / back-up your brief.
- syndicated material: drawings should explain the basic principle you developed (based on above observations) + detail incl. materiality and all working models + process
- edited theoretic references (refer reading references) integrated in drawings.
- public platform: final drawings + performative principles + connection to social and cultural context

- personal brief
- functional programme
- massing studies (from sem1)
- urban strategy 1:1000 - response to context (social + cultural; what is your way of creating syndications?
- site plan 1:500 (locating your building on site)
- 1:500 long/cross section with context / surrounding buildings
- all working models of building to scale (presented with context if possible)
- spatial sequence studies (building) long contextual sections - inside outside relationships - pubic realm- control of public private domain. qualities of thresholds.
- light, materiality & atmosphere: through models / collages / sketches / drawings
- plans to scale printed large enough for wall presentation (depending on project minimum 1:200 or bigger)
- 1:100 section(s)
- process / development of plans - design evolution. show key moves. key decisions.
- key hybrid detail (e.g. area of a threshold) as evolution of your syndicated material 1:10
- environmental strategy (integrated in drawings)
- structural strategy (integrated in drawings)
- edited precedences integrated at key stages during your design process.
(integrated in drawings)