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Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Thu 29 Mar - Y3 Cross Crits

The cross-crits will be held as digital presentation of your complete work of the entire academic year. (sem1 and sem2).
Make sure your file order is in place and copy your pdf to the machine beforehand (test that it works. no psd or idd files) Consider to bring some print-outs of key drawings (e.g. plans and sections) to scale + large enough to see from 3 meters distance, as well as all relevant models and material studies.

As usual - prepare what you want to say - clarity and connection between everything is essential. Sleep the night before. Everybody to attend full day - Y2 also welcome.  Start 10.00,  finish around 16.30

Visiting critic: Jean Teak Park (unit E) + Nicola Richardson