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Friday, 21 December 2012

field-trip guide

hello Y2s

I have uploaded and e-mailed you the Indesgin template for the field-trip guide / building documentation we have asked you to prepare. This should be quick excerise and should not take you longer than half day. Scarpa's work is well documented - use the library ! If you find lots of plans, sections and details (always incredible useful when on site) - make more pages, e.g. upt to 4 pages! (scale not important. scale bar would be great) if not one - two pages is minimum. 

Please e-mail use the pages or upload (as pdf and packaged CS5 file with all linked images) to the dropbox ( folder 06_field trip) by Friday 4th Jan 2013, so that I can collate this and print copies for each of you.

Alex & Ben - Palazzo Querini Stampalia
Darren - IUAV Entrance
Dylan & Jack - Castellvecchio Museum
Feng - Banca Populare, Verona
Harriet - Tomba Brion
Kilian  - Canova museum Gipsoteca
Kyungsoo - Olivetti showroom
Maxine - Biennale ticket booth

Have some great days off with friends and family!

Carsten + Emu