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Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Thu 31 Jan - 9.30 Urban Charrette Workshop

We are doing a full day workshop with the 1:500 context model you are currently building. ( that needs to be finished by end of today)

We are starting at 9:30 am with the briefing for the day (due to Y3 forum 10-11)
Please be there 9:30 sharp.

Please bring:
model-making tools: cutter, glue, ruler, pens, etc...

material: Foam (any colour - what ever you find, can also be off-cuts, etc.), or large chunk of cheap white soap (£1 shop) which can be cut easily... or any other solid material you can work with using cutters (as workshop remains with no machines to cut timber)
Quantity: we aim at producing about 10 x 1:500 massing model of the building - so you can work it out roughly....

bring camera to record your designs. 

We will finish around 18:00