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Thursday, 21 March 2013

Mon 25 & Thu 28 Portfolio Cross Crit

Mon 25 : Y2
Review panel: Melissa Kinnear (unit D) & Emu 

Thu 28: Y3
Review panel: Julia Hänsel (Unit E) & Carsten

You are reminded that you have to upload your work to Moodle prior to the crits.

The Cross Crit will be held in form of a table top review. For that we want to see your entire portfolio from sem1 and sem2 up to date and we would like to see it printed in full size (not as A3!!! - this proved too small at the interim) Alternatively - (we are not so keen on this) you can show it via the screens. if you go down that route - make sure you upload before 10.00 and that the single pdf shows without pixellation, etc... you will also need to have site plans, plans and sections printed to scale (1:100) in any case.