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Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Mon 29 Oct - Collage workshop - start 10.00 am

We will be doing a collage workshop next Monday 29 Oct.
This will happen in the studio and will last all day.

Please prepare and bring the following things:

per group:
3 x A1 sheets of paper
1 x A1 sheet of tracing paper
scissors, cutter, blue spray-mount, masking tape, etc.
drawing-equipment: pencil (B-range), pen, ruler, etc.

each individual of the group:

- b/w printouts of "hidden line drawings" of your single component(s) as well as of your "assembled multiples" (e.g. from rhino model) in a 30/30 degree isometric (print this in three different sizes S/M/L on A4 paper)

- 30/30 degree "isometric-ish" b/w photo of physical prototype /  1:1 mock-up as well as of "assembled multiples"  (print in three different sizes S/M/L on A4 paper)

Please also read Ben Nicholson's essay on Collage-making before Monday in preparation.
We have uploaded this to the dropbox (folder 04_reading)

How to do a isometric in Rhino version 4 LINK
Rhino version 5 has an in-build function

Carsten + Emu