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Thursday, 25 October 2012

Thu 1 Nov - Y3 Technology Research Preview

Technology Research Preview (10% of Module U30073)

Next week we will be expecting to see the first part of your Technology module, the ‘Research Preview’. This year it will take the form of a ‘Sketch Box’ which will be a presented on the table for discussion.

The RESEARCH PREVIEW is a studio presentation comprising the following:

 1. An edited Sketch Box with images, prototypes, samples, precedents, sketches, experiments, photos, quoted research texts, of the research carried out on a Material and a Process of your choice.

 - The sketch box does not have to be site specific but aims to form the basis of your knowledge development in understanding materials and process.
 - Your choice of material should be relevant to the studio design themes and should be an in depth exploration of the variations of the material, its origins, historical uses and applications.
- You should identify its use in construction structures and environmental considerations through precedent.
 -Consider how your material might benefit from a creative or inventive way of application in architecture.

2. A brief statement which demonstrates your knowledge of your material and process of choice.

Later, in compiling the exploration study itself, you are not restricted to that which you anticipated in the technology preview. It is inevitable that you will include data whose relevance you have not predicted, or it may even be that the main thrust of the report is amended to take account of a change of strategy in your studio work. It will be important, however, that you record the reasoning behind such a shift in direction as a critical part of the design process.
Feedback will be given by technology and unit tutors during the review. A simple assessment sheet will be provided based on the sample in this document.

For more information on Assessment refer to Module handbook  U30073, which includes the Assessment and Feedback Form, which we will be marking against, this will show you the expectations we have for the preview.

Nicola Richardson
Unit  A Technology Tutor

Technology Research Preview feedback sheet (marking criteria) LINK